With a myriad of ads bombarding the consumers across various spaces and platforms, how do you make your brand stand out? Well, for one, you should be able to master the art of remarketing.

If you’re quite an expert when it comes to selling in the digital sphere, the term marketing is probably no stranger to you. But have you ever heard of remarketing? 

Simply put, this strategy allows you to display or serve ads to the previous visitors of your website or mobile application. It works to reconnect with your prospective customers, all while pushing the relevance of your brand.

Check out this article to learn about remarketing and why you should be incorporating these strategies to your online marketing efforts now!

How Remarketing Can Boost Your Brand and Help You Win Your Prospects Over

Remarketing in a Nutshell

Often associated with retargeting, remarketing helps you sell your brand to prospects based on the previous actions they’ve shown while searching through your website. This programmatic buying usually works by dropping “cookies”, which are small files that store information, to monitor one’s activities during a site visit. 

Retargeting is commonly zeroed in on consumers who come to your site but don’t convert the first time. Whether something came up during their check out process, they simply felt the need to research more about the brand, or any other reason you can think of – these visitors don’t necessarily equate to lost opportunities. 

A single exposure to a marketing message might not suffice to seal the deal. But with effective remarketing strategies, you have the not-so-secret weapon that can effectively turn prospects into profit.

Below is a list of the different types of remarketing strategies that you can use in your online campaigns. 

Types of Remarketing 

  • Display Remarketing (Google Ads)
  • Video Remarketing (Google Ads)
  • Search Remarketing (Google Ads)
  • Dynamic Remarketing (Google Ads)
  • Customer List Remarketing
  • Social Media Remarketing

5 Benefits of Remarketing 

  1. Reaches Well-Targeted Audience 

When it comes to advertising, one of the things every marketer needs to establish from the get-go is the demographics. 

Which type of audience are you supposed to target – single moms, computer geeks, or travel junkies? The occupation, age, gender, location, hobby, interests, etc., all have to be taken into consideration.

Once you properly identify who you should be selling to, propelling your business to success is no longer far-fetched. Knowing your target audience is indeed a step in the right direction. Creating marketing strategies to reach them is a fuel that will get you on top in no time. 

With remarketing, you can advertise to relevant users who have already exhibited positive consumer behaviours at any stage in the modern sales funnel. 

These are exactly the type of prospective customers you should be investing your resources and attention to.  

The reason? They have already shown interest in your website content. All you have to do is grab that opportunity and translate buying intent into conversion!

Warm leads, such as visitors who have already added items to their cart, filled out a form, downloaded materials, or even those who frequents your site, are ideal target audiences for remarketing. 

  1. Helps Craft Specific Ad Materials

Remarketing not only allows you to know who to reach. It also helps you figure out which information will guide your prospects towards a user journey that will yield favourable results: which is a successful transaction. 

Consider the pages that your audience visited as crumbs that will let you map out their interests. Learning their soft spots and the things that drive in their curiosity can help you create personalized ads relevant to them.  

For instance, a teen beauty enthusiast browses through a certain product page on your online beauty store. One way to remarket to this potential customer is by displaying user-specific ads focusing on the products she’s interested in throughout the website – or even to third-party sites in your Google ad network!

  1. Strengthens Brand Visibility and Recall 

Out of sight, out of mind – this scheme can be applied to digital marketing. One moment, your prospects might be browsing through your website, then the next thing you know they already left and so did your brand on their minds. 

Just because audiences have seen your content once doesn’t guarantee information retention. Note that your brand is only a spectacle in a wide gamut of advertisements they get exposed to everyday. 

You need to give them that gentle nudge that your brand exists to address their pain points – and this is what remarketing is all about. It reinforces brand significance so that qualified visitors can build top-of-mind awareness of your brand. 

Did You Know? Studies showed that consumers need to be exposed to the ad for three (3) times or more in order to ignite buying motives. 

  1. Increases Conversions

Remarketing can give you the key to attaining most marketers’ ultimate goal – improved conversions.

It has already been mentioned that not everyone who views your website converts during the first visit. In fact, the average number of consumers who make a purchase is equivalent to only 2% of all the site visitors. The remaining 98% makes the perfect cut for retargeting. 

The thing about remarketing is that your potential customers are likely familiar with your product or service. Exposing them to retargeted ads will re-engage them. This could, in turn, help in leading them back to the sales scenario in your website. The best part? Leads who found their way back to your site have a higher chance of converting. 

  1. Lowers Cost per Sale

Similar to other advertising tools on Google, remarketing can drive in conversions with a flexible budget. The cost-per-action basis guarantees your control over your money. This means that you only pay if a user clicks on your retargeted ad. You can even check out best performing sites on Google Display Network so as to optimize your content and adjust your budget for specific pages. 

It’s cost-effective, plus it can help you reach qualified visitors. Such a win-win situation, isn’t it?  

About Criteo Remarketing 

Similar to Facebook and Google, Criteo is a remarketing platform that is primarily used by online retailers and eCommerce businesses to retarget their prospects in the digital landscape. It operates globally in over 30 markets, with its main headquarter based in Paris, France. With the help of Criteo’s retargeting strategies, you can get your audience back to your site. It taps various technologies, including application, social, and video to guarantee successful remarketing reach. 

You’re missing out on a lot of things if you’re still not incorporating remarketed advertising into your digital campaigns. 

Retargeting is all about seeing opportunities with what could have been considered as lost leads. 

Not only does it benefit your business, but the consumers as well. You get to level-up their user experience by giving them customized ads which can potentially provide the solutions to their needs. 

With remarketing, you always have another chance to boost your brand and take its impact on your prospective customers a notch higher. 

What are you waiting for? Start launching your remarketing strategies! 

Do you want to activate your remarketing campaigns? Consult with our team now! Crius Digital is a digital marketing agency in San Francisco that will help your business thrive in the online sphere through the use of the latest strategies and technologies. We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality leads that can be sourced online.


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