One of the most important eCommerce marketing strategies that you shouldn’t miss is email marketing. It builds strong relationships with your customers – even at a level that no other platforms can match. 

When it comes to excellent electronic direct mail, you need to be able to craft messages that your audience actually wants to hear from you. You don’t want your campaigns being left in the inbox clutter, just collecting dust just without getting opened by the receiver, let alone notice. 

Here’s how you can trigger that “open the email” behavior that will then drive them to press that “add to cart” button!

Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns that Will Give You the Conversions You Need

1. Grow and Segment Your Email List

Your email list is like a treasure. It’s something only you can build over time. One mortal sin every marketer should never ever commit is to buy an email list. If you fall into this trap, you might end up targeting people who barely have any interest in the content you are delivering in their inbox.

To grow your email, you can set up an email subscription form on your website – either in the footer or as an exit intent pop-up form. Segmenting a large email list also does the trick in better targeting your prospects.

2. Make Your Subject Lines Your Magnet

Subject lines are like the articles’ headlines. They will determine whether or not your prospect will click on the email. Be sure to keep it short yet catchy. It should be able to encapsulate the idea of the message, all while grabbing their attention right there and then.

3. Craft Content Relevant to Your Audience

It is not enough that they just get to open your email campaign. The message it contains should resonate with your audience. That is the key to driving them to click that CTA button and ultimately make a purchase from your ecommerce store.

4. Perform A/B Testing

The only way to know which works and which doesn’t is to create variations and test them. You can create different versions of email. The elements could vary in terms of the subject line, the visuals, or copy. 

5. Track the Analytics of Your Email Campaigns

When you monitor the metrics, you know the results of the email campaigns and their variations. Make sure to not only record the numbers but also translate these data to analyses that will help you better strategize and craft emails in the future.

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