The shopping season has already begun. This means the holiday sales will come pouring in like rain. Here’s why the seasonal promotional opportunities are not one to miss this year: the current pandemic has shown a surge in the eCommerce business as 50% of US adults are now buying online more than before.

To make the most of this skyrocketing trend in online shopping, you have to prepare a solid strategy for your holiday marketing. With so many elements to put together, you should start planning now so you can harness the power these digital channels can offer.

How to Have a Winning Holiday Marketing Campaign

1. Learn from Your Previous Holiday Marketing Campaigns

The shopping behavior this year might be quite different due to the health situation but you can always look back and analyze past marketing campaigns that worked for your brand during the holiday season. Audit statistics and results, examine last year’s trends, identify brilliant holiday messaging that clicks, as well as mistakes you might want to avoid from doing again. You can also look into specific channels that drove in significant levels of traffic and conversions.

2. Set Your Marketing Goals

You’ll never get to where you’re going if you don’t know where exactly you’re heading to. Marketing goals give you direction so you can identify what you’re aiming for and the strategies that will get you there. Make sure that you set realistic goals. More than bringing in holiday sales, you also need to focus on other opportunities such as reinforcing brand significance and building customer relationships.

3. Determine Holiday Marketing Strategies Targeted to Your Audience

Every set of holiday shoppers is unique. Although tips and best practices are helpful, you should only use them as a guide to figure out which strategies trigger a positive consumer behavior among your customers. It’s a big no-no to simply copy the strategies of your competitors. After all, a successful holiday campaign entails knowing how to curate messages that resonate with your audience.

4. Create a Holiday Marketing Timeline

You cannot blindly release campaigns without planning out a timeline. Aside from making it easier for you to track specific projects, it also helps in identifying when is the best time to publish a holiday marketing campaign. Remember that timing is extremely important in eCommerce marketing. You could lose warm leads by simply making the mistake of not making your brand visible when your audience are most active.

5. Build Powerful Content and Messaging

The seasonal offers cannot be made known to your market without developing strong content that catches their attention. You need to plan out the messaging according to the platform, customer segment, and stages. When it comes to holiday marketing campaigns, entrepreneurs always find social media posts, paid ads, PR efforts, and promotional emails in their list of top digital channels for activation.

Do you want your eCommerce holiday marketing plan to be successful? Planning ahead is the key! You better start now if you want your brand to dominate the eCommerce world once the holiday shopping season comes in full swing!

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