Let’s say you have this brilliant idea of setting up an ecommerce store. You’ve already started building your website and you think you’re ready to put your product out the gate. But before you go through all these, there is one important question you shouldn’t miss to answer.

Are there actual customers who are willing to buy your product?

Studying and establishing your niche market or the category of your products is one of the most important steps that help you target the right audience and ultimately fire your business to success. 

Trendy products may change, but there will always be core niches that thrive because of their appeal to people’s deeply-held needs and desires. And these are the types of niche markets you should bank on. To give you ideas, here are the top 10 booming niche markets proven to sell this 2020. 

Top 10 Most Profitable Ecommerce Niches

1. Fitness and Weight Loss Items

woman in fitness attire jogs on the road

Who wouldn’t want to get in their top form, anyways? Fitness products have always been among the niche trends list – and they don’t plan on leaving the spot any time soon. You can go for home workout equipment, diet supplements, and other slimming products. 

Tip: Cellulite removers and sonic lift technology are the current hot-sellers. 

2. Minimalist and Fashionable Jewelry

It’s definitely a smart move to build an ecommerce business around this niche market. The good thing about selling to a jewelry-enthusiast niche audience is that the profit is just way up there. Based on our experience, pieces of jewelry tend to always have the highest profit margins – even reaching a whopping 1000%! If you’re afraid to invest in high-end luxurious jewelry, don’t worry because there has been a rise in handmade and affordable jewelry this year.

3. Computers and Gadgets

In a world where information is reaching unprecedented levels of relevance, you won’t go wrong with entering a niche market intended for gadgets and technology. Aside from the innovative feature of a device, the ability to make a statement and add a personal touch to one’s gadget is also a current trend. In fact, mobile accessory e-commerce entrepreneurs are raking in money this year. Basically, products that allow your niche market to customize their devices are sure winners!

4. Clothing and Apparel


If you’re looking for a highly-profitable niche of consumers, fashion makes the perfect cut! Nowadays, shapewear that accentuate the curves rule the trends among women. You can also try exploring the Print on Demand (POD) method, which has been making headlines in the ecommerce industry.

5. Beauty Products


Opting for cosmetics and makeup products for your ecommerce business is never a bad idea. Beauty is one of the largest niche markets with highly-responsive consumer behaviors. The best part? They’re replenishable products, so people are meant to buy them repeatedly. Thus, you can easily build a loyal following should your product perform well.

6. Car Accessories

The automobile industry continues to grow. Establish an ecommerce store intended for car lovers looking to find the latest tech and gadgets for customization purposes. More than that, offer products that help to strengthen safety. One of the most popular items in this niche market are rear cameras and car LED lights.

7. Pet Items

cat drinking from a fountain

Pet-owners will always have a soft spot for their pets and will spare no expense just to buy anything for their animal buddies. You can even sell lifelike simulation plush animals, which are trending online lately.

8. Home and Kitchen

man wearing a denim drilling the door while the woman holds the hook

Home items and supply will always be among the trending niche markets, especially now that staying in a comfortable home is of paramount importance.

9. Camera and Drones

When in doubt, go for innovative items that would pique the interest of all adventure-seekers with a passion for photography.

10. Eco-Friendly Baby Essentials

Ecommerce entrepreneurs have long considered this niche as a huge business. Disposable diapers, eco-friendly baby food containers, etc., are presently making headlines.

Niche market research may seem like a daunting task but making it as a foundation for your ecommerce store building is a surefire way to scale your business.

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